Get Your Wheels Turning: FREE Bike Safety Classes!

Cyclists riding into the sunset.

Ride Smart, Ride Safe

Did you know half of all bike-vehicle collisions can be avoided with better trained cyclists? Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just bike-curious, our free bicycle safety education classes are your ticket to a safer, more enjoyable ride and we offer lots of different class formats suitable for all riders. Here’s why you’ll love them:

  • Boost Your Confidence: Never again utter “Oops” while on two wheels. Our classes transform hesitant pedal-pushers into confident cyclists.
  • Community Connection: Meet fellow bike enthusiasts! It’s like social media, but with actual fresh air and real faces.
  • Customized Learning: Each class is tailored to your group needs – like a bespoke suit, but for bike safety.
  • Expert Instructors: Our certified trainers are like the Gandalfs of bike safety – wise, experienced, and occasionally bearded and able to teach you advanced riding techniques and traffic safety tips it’s difficult for the solo cyclists to learn.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Practice in actual traffic conditions. Because life isn’t a stationary bike in your living room.
  • Fun, Not Fear: Learn in a stress-free, upbeat environment. Safety can be fun too!

Class Structure

We tailor classes to your group’s needs. Whether it’s navigating roundabouts without going round in circles or perfecting the art of carrying groceries on your handlebars, we’ve got you covered. Below are examples, but we can offer anything from 10 min pre-ride safety orientations to 8 hour on-bike advanced biking drills:

  • ALERT 10 Min Safety Orientation: Ready to ride with a group? Our quick safety orientation covers the absolute essentials for safe cycling on City streets plus our volunteers will arrive well before your event to help teach ABC Quick Checks and assist with bike safety checks / tune-ups. We often have free helmets and bike lights too!
  • Commuter Pro (1-1.5 Hour): Looking to ditch the traffic jams and embrace a healthier, more eco-friendly way to travel. This class is your gateway to a more efficient and enjoyable commute, learning core urban navigation skills, basic bike repairs, tips for the optimum commuter kit, emergency handling, and assistance with route planning. We’ll also cover basic tax advantages and other government / employer incentives for commuting by bike. Invite your co-workers and be part of the cycling revolution!
  • Urban Navigation (2 Hours): Conquer city streets with savvy and style. Learn to read traffic like a pro, lane positioning, maneuvering across multiple lanes of traffic, bike and traffic laws, and master the secret cyclist handshake (yes, it’s a thing).
  • Group Ride Clinic (2 Hours): Whether you’re a solo rider looking to join the pack or a seasoned cyclist eager to refine your group riding skills, this clinic is a mostly on-bike experience where we practice communication and riding skills to keep you and your peloton safe through difficult riding situations while optimizing speed and comfort for the whole group.
  • Advanced Riding Safety Skills Clinic (4 Hours): Tailored for experienced cyclists who are eager to take their riding to the next level, this clinic dives deep into bike handling and maneuvering skills that can literally save your life in a tricky situation. This entire clinic is on-bike in a private parking lot to practice and perfect the mechanics of riding techniques like quick stops and quick turns. If time permits we like to move on street and cover advanced components of urban navigation in busy or complex intersections.
  • Smart Cycling 101 (8 Hours): Our master class from the League of American Bicyclists, it covers the kitchen sink of bicycle safety involving 3 hours of classroom time and lots of bike time navigating complex city streets and learning advanced riding skills in a private parking lot.

Sign Up & Spin Into Action:

  • Who Can Join: Adults (16+). Check out our separate youth class page for the younger pedaling prodigies.
  • Group Dynamics: 8 or more people. Large employers, church groups, weekend pedal pushers tribes, beer run buddies, and any other group of cyclists, gather your gang and reach out!
  • Get In Touch: Ready to roll? Email us at with your contact info and info about your group. We’ll reply ASAP!

TBAG’s Promise

Join us, and you’ll not only pedal more safely but also with a newfound joy and a sense of community. We’re not just teaching bike safety; we’re kick-starting a two-wheeled revolution. Clip in and join the ride!