Tempe Bicycle Action Group

Bike Racks for Businesses (and others)

Many years ago our organization conceptualized purchasing used bike racks and installing them inexpensively at local businesses. This project has ebbed and flowed as our supply of used racks and motivated volunteers has changed. One of the first installs we can remember is at Cornish Pasty on Hardy and University and they’re still there!

Through the Preston Swan years there was another flurry of installs including at Rag-O-Rama (now Arizona Distilling Co) and a Dance Studio over on McClintock.

Today we’re still running this program, some the latest installs include a shortened and freshened up rack at Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health (N.O.A.H.). A site visit with President Stevie revealed insufficient space for an 8′ rack so we had a welder lop off a hoop and reattach the tabs and then off to the powder coaters for a very pretty blue (RAL 5015).

Four Peaks went with the raw brown/rust color/condition of the original racks on their multiuse paver area. They elected to have the weight of the racks themselves to keep them vaguely in place but it gives them an opportunity to relocate them allowing the space to remain multiuse (for micro bus parking during events).

If you are interested in obtaining a bike rack for your business reach out to us for current costs and options, info@biketempe.org. Here’s a poorly stitched together picture of the powder coat color board.