Support the College Ave. Neighborhood Circulator

Tempe Bicycle Action Group strongly supports the proposed Neighborhood Circulator routes along College Avenue. The proposed routes will improve cyclist, pedestrian, child, and driver safety, but there has been a strong disinformation campaign suggesting otherwise. We need your help before April 30th! Please take Tempe’s online survey about the proposed route and express your support for this neighborhood improvement. The deadline for comments is soon.

City of Tempe’s website on the neighborhood circulators buses

Survey website

Facts about the proposed College Avenue route:
• Cyclists are accustomed to riding in the bicycle lanes on College Avenue. The proposed circulator route will make that experience safer.
• The Neighborhood Circulator will reduce overall automobile traffic. The existing circulator route on 5th Street in Tempe, the ‘Neighborhood Flash,’ provides 2,116 passenger trips per day, significantly reducing vehicular traffic along that route.
• Additional public transit on College will help convert College Ave from a car dominated route to a
pedestrian and bicycle friendly route. The city is also planning a variety of traffic calming measures to lower vehicle speeds and make the street safer.
• The buses, which have bike racks, make bicycle commuting more convenient.
• The buses that will be used are considerably smaller than standard city buses and are no noisier than trucks and SUVs.
• Slower traffic and alternative forms of transportation will help kids commute safely to and from schools and parks.
• Routing the circulator through the neighborhood rather than along major arterials ensures safe and convenient transportation.
• Counter to the claims made by opponents of the proposed route, THE BUSES WILL NOT DRIVE IN THE BICYCLE LANES.
• The route will not turn College Avenue into a park & ride for ASU students. ASU students receive free bus passes which encourages use of regular transit services. Neighborhoods along the existing Neighborhood Flash route have seen no evidence of college students parking on their streets.

The existing Neighborhood Flash bus route on 5th Street, which uses the same buses as the proposed College Ave route, has had overwhelmingly positive results. The bus drivers are safe and courteous to pedestrians and cyclists, and local families regularly use the route to commute to school and parks.

Fill out Tempe’s online survey, then write emails directly to the Tempe Mayor and Council Members voicing your support of the proposed College Avenue Neighborhood Circulator. Email the Mayor and the entire Council simultaneously at

Remember, all comments must be received by the City of Tempe by April 30th!

TBAG “Support the Circulator” flyer