TBAG Grants Program

TBAG is one of the recipients of funds raised each year by New Belgium’s Tour de Fat, but it takes people to get bicycle advocacy done, not just money.  That’s why we have a grants program.  In the past, we’ve paid grants to the Bicus Bicycle Co-op in Tucson, the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Co-op, Karma Racer, WeCycle, and various other awesome organizations.  Most recently, we pledged money to help get PHX Bike Labs going in their new space.

We also do small grants.  Do you have an idea for making bicycling better, or a project to spread the word?  Write up your plan in 1-2 pages and mail it to info@biketempe.org (cc’ing scrottie@biketempe.org won’t hurt either).  If you can attend one of our meetings and introduce your idea in 3 minutes, we’d love to meet you.

We can’t do everything ourselves — not even close!  But we can help enable you to.