The “Bikes Safe Yield Act” gets a hearing this Wednesday (3/4)!


The bill permits cyclists to proceed through stop-signs without stopping so long as they do so safely and only when there is no cross traffic. It lets bicyclists treat stop-signs as if they are yield signs. A bicyclist would have to yield to any cross traffic in the intersection, but could proceed without stopping if there is no cross traffic

Please email your legislators asking them to support this act. For more information read this post from

To find your legislators enter your address and zip code at the top RIGHT of this page. Once you find out the district number you are in visit the member list (sorted by district # ascending).

4 Replies to “The “Bikes Safe Yield Act” gets a hearing this Wednesday (3/4)!”

  1. Might as well contact both parties. The post on TucsonBikeLawyer mentions it’s especially important if you’re in District 25 to contact Patricia Fleming and she’s in the House. The post also mentions Dan Patterson who is also in the House. So I would assume House but might as well be safe and do both.

  2. If it has a HB I assume it is a house bill
    If it has SB assume it is a senate bill.

    I am not sure what happens when a HB goes to the senate though.

  3. I am a longtime cyclist, more than 30 years, of roadracing/touring/mtn/cyclocross/commuting. I don’t understand the need for this. What’s the problem people are having with stopping at a stop sign?

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