Bike Month Events This Week

While most parts of the country celebrate Bike Month in May, we like to get the wheels rolling early, while the weather is still spectacular. This year, TBAG is involved in a whole host of Bike Month activities. The events are summarized over on our Bike Month 2010 page. Check Tempe in Motion’s page and Valley Metro’s page as well. This week:

Friday, April 2: Ride your bike over to Phoenix First Fridays, then check in at the Bike Valet. I will lead the nine-mile ride from Tempe Beach Park (corner of Mill and Rio Salado) to Phoenix. We’ll roll out by 6 for a leisurely ride there. Be sure to bring lights or plan on taking the light rail back to Tempe. Grab dinner on Mill Ave beforehand, or find something to eat at First Fridays instead.

We’re still looking for volunteers to help run the bike valet, which will run from 5 to 10 pm. Sign up for a valet shift at the end of this post.

Saturday, April 3: Used Bike Drive! Drop off a used bicycle at either Valley REI location, in Tempe or Paradise Valley. See the previous post, below.

Used Bike Donation Drive

Recycle that old bike! Volunteers from Bike Saviours, Rusty Spoke, and Tempe Bicycle Action Group, with the support of both valley REI locations, will be accepting donations of used bikes and bike parts. All three orgs. are 501(c)3 nonprofits and donations are tax-deductable. Donated bikes and parts will benefit Bike Saviours and Rusty Spoke, local community based non-profit bike programs that teach anyone to build and maintain their own bike. REI will also be giving a 15% off coupon to each person who donates.

Saturday April 3rd, 9am-4pm
REI Tempe and Paradise Valley

Bike Saviours Info

Tempe REI Event Page

Bicycle Valet Volunteers, WILL YOU HELP out on next Friday? April 2 in Phoenix at First Friday

Roosevelt Row and TBAG are teaming up to valet bicycles at First Friday !!
Lots of people bicycle to First Fridays and Bicycle Valet will be the best place to park their bikes. PLUS vendors are offering discounts to people who valet !! Call Joe Perez (602) 531-4985 to sign up or

HAWKs Spotted in Tempe!

As described in an earlier update, the City of Tempe has been wrapping up construction along the Western Canal. Part of the Canal development has included the installation of two HAWK signals, the first such signals in Tempe. HAWK stands for High-Intensity Activated CrossWalk, and is a style of road crossing developed in Tucson. See this page for information about HAWKs, as well as the other specialized crossings found in Tucson.

The two crossings in Tempe are located on Rural Road at the Western Canal, and on McClintock Drive at the canal. The City is providing a pamphlet that describes how the HAWK signals work, available through the Tempe In Motion website, and wants to spread the word as much as possible. If you have had experiences with either of these crossings and would like to share, feel free to leave comments here. We’d love to hear if these seem like an effective system for making canal crossings safer and more efficient, and if we should be encouraging more Phoenix-area municipalities to install them.

From a bicyclist or pedestrian standpoint, the crossings change to a “walk” signal within a few seconds of pressing the button, and are designed to force cars to slow down and stop whenever someone needs to cross the street. At other times, they allow cars to pass through freely.

To Market!

Spring is well underway, so it’s time for another expedition to the farmer’s market! This will be a leisurely ride down to the Phoenix Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Let me know if you think you’ll be there.

Hocus Spokus – Old Bike Parts Transformed!

As some of you may know, TBAG has been involved in getting Bike!Art! nights established on Thursdays from 6-9 pm over at the Bike Saviours (University and Roosevelt, just behind Sunset Clothing Exchange; all are welcome to drop in for a visit). The goal of these nights is to provide the space and materials to inspire artists to turn old bike parts into art – bike parts that can no longer be used to fix up bicycles.

Over the last several weeks, a couple of key instigators have been putting this time to good use, constructing bike-part flowers as a fundraiser for a community garden project that is getting underway behind the co-op.

The first set of flowers were put up for sale last Saturday, at the Mitchell Park Art on the Fence art sale, and raised an impressive $165 for the garden in under 2 hours! The garden project organizers have been working hard to raise a total of $250, the amount needed to submit their plans to the City of Tempe. They plan to continue making and selling the bike art flowers in the upcoming weeks to reach this goal. If you would like to get involved in any way, please contact Valerie at; beyond gardening, there will be all sorts of other opportunities: educational, outreach, and of course, more art.

Round 1 of Bike Part Flowers
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March TBAG Third Fridays presents: The Moustache Ride

Hey there fella, put down that razor! It’s time to abandon cultural dignity, find your dormant masculinity, and display it to the world via follicular prowess!

This Third Friday, March 19th, TBAG is hosting a MOUSTACHE RIDE. A true ‘handlebar’ happy hour, if you will.

Golly,” You exclaim, “what is a Moustache Ride and how does one participate?

You’ll need only 2 things: A bike and a glorious moustache.

Well, I’ve seen moustaches before,” You say, “but how on earth does one obtain such a thing?

It’s all in these very easy steps:
1. Starting Monday, March 1, abandon shaving.
2. Once your upper lip begins to show signs of growth, you may resume your normal routine, but be sure to leave the area under your nose untouched.
3. Around the middle of March, you may begin to experience a certain feeling of machismo – do not be scared, but embrace this feeling and flaunt it openly to those around you.
4. By and as of the 19th, your face should be clean of any hair about the chin and cheeks, saving only the island upon your upper lip.
5. At 7:30 p.m. we RIDE, and you’ll be able to demonstrate your newly assumed confidence, virility, strength, and all the rest that come attached to the most manly of facial adornments.

Need encouragement? Instructions? Examples of handsomeness? Check out Mustache March, for one, and of course the precedent set by world class men-among-men such as Robert Goulet, Frank Zappa, Wilford Brimley, Yanni, Dr. Phil, and of course Tom Selleck.


Ladies… You are not left out! Please, join us on this ride. You’ll be offered a variety of quite natural looking and classy fake moustaches from which to choose! Come early for best selection, but have no fear, we shall not run out. You’ll be so surprised and at ease after only a few minutes of sporting your new lip buddy, that you may well choose to retain it for daily use.

The Ride meets, as always, at Tempe Beach Park, Rio Salado & Mill at 7:00 p.m., rolls at 7:30.

Ready? Let’s get started, shall we?