Tempe Bicycle Action Group

Harper Lines: 2022 Tempe Council Candidate Questions

1. How do you normally commute around Tempe? What kind of vehicles do you utilize? Are you satisfied with your commuting experience?

I have a 2015 Honda Fit which is my distance commuter. I also have a 50cc scooter and a beach cruiser, which i use around my 5 mile radius.

2. Do you think it is possible to function in our current city without the use of an automobile? What is your vision for transportation and mobility around Tempe and the region?

I think that largely depends on your proximity to employment and groceries. My vision of transportation and mobility around Tempe is multi-modal with increased expansion of bike lanes in high-density areas like the Apache corridor. The easier and safer it is for people to choose alternative vehicles or public transportation, the easier the transition.

3. How familiar are you with Tempe’s Vision Zero goal? Do you support the City of Tempe’s 2019 Action Plan to achieve these goals? If so, what is your plan to update and expand Vision Zero to improve transportation safety for all members of the community?

I am familiar with Tempe’s Vision Zero goal and I support the 2019 Action Plan to achieve these goals. Lowering speed limits in the high-density areas is a great start, the heat map of fatal and serious accidents always occur in the same regions of high congestion, where suburban and urban environments collide. I’m actually a fan of digital speed signs which show the current speed as well as expanding street cameras in high-density areas to issue speeding tickets. Roundabouts are an excellent speen mitigation strategy as well.

4. How do you plan to adequately fund roadway improvements, especially the backlog of existing and requested transportation safety projects? What role should community organizations play in cycling safety and planning?

Road improvements and transportation safety and efficiency will be one of my top priorities – funding is an issue but we must shuffle our priorities. Community organizations play a huge role in advocacy, awareness and informing stakeholders. I’ve learned more in the last year and a half from residents who are active in their communities than I had in all my years as a Tempean.

5. Common concerns of bicyclists in Tempe include police knowledge of State and Local bicycle laws, bicycle theft, and drivers parking in bicycle lanes. What would you do to address these concerns when elected? What training and education would you implement for the police department to ensure they understand cycling laws?

I’d recommend forming a transportation commission with a focus on cyclists and electronic cycles – to better inform city council and bring public awareness to local laws. The police department is very aware, but i’d communicate with the liaison to see what additionally can be done regarding training – it might benefit the law enforcement and the community at large to create some PSA’s.

6. Do you have any other thoughts to share about cycling, safety, and multi-modal transportation you think our membership would benefit from hearing?

I’d like to see a Tempe in the future with transportation hubs with solar energy charging stations and monitored security for cyclists and electronic cyclists. Encouraging multi-modal transportation is great, but we have to build the infrastructure to support residents, help our community feel safe and empowered to transition to cycling and multi-modal, and lead the way for other cities to see what can be done.