101 Pedestrian bridge between Ray & Chandler

galv_bridge As I drive down the 101 to Chandler somewhat regularly, I became curious as to the small center support pier constructed between Ray & Chandler. I contacted ADOT and they informed me it was indeed for a pedestrian bridge (as I suspected). ADOT built the pier and City of Chandler is building the pedestrian bridge to connect Galveston Road. I spoke with Bill Fay, Public Works Engineer with the City of Chandler, and he informed me that construction is slated for 2015 but there’s a possibility it could be built in 2010. The pier was constructed to Federal Environmental Standards and the city has submitted the bridge project as “Shovel Ready” seeking Federal stimulus funds. Bill also informed me that Arizona Ave is to get bike lanes in a lane narrowing project, and Chandler Blvd is to be widened at the 101 so bike lanes can be installed.