Bicycle Saviours 2nd Annual Benefit Party, 1/30

On Friday, Jan 30th, Bicycle Saviours will be throwing their 2nd annual benefit party. This annual fundraising benefit, a phenomenon in the non-profit world intended to raise awareness, network, and have fun together, is to raise money for liability insurance, utilities, moving costs, new tools, and other general operating costs (rent, accountant, lawyer, fire/building codes, maintenance, etc etc the list goes on forever).

However, the point is more to celebrate BS goals and accomplishments with friends and supporters and party down in a bikey environment. The party is being held at 24th and Oak (2238 N 24th St), a more central location, as BS wants Phoenix and Tempe (and where ever else!) friends to attend.

Those interested should secure $5, stash it away for donation to Bike Saviours, then review the 65+ comment thread over at Alternatively if you’re on Facebook you can view this event.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle Saviours 2nd Annual Benefit Party, 1/30

  1. Scott, perfect adventure opportunity. Have someone blindfold you, drive you and your bike out 5 miles, drop you off, then figure out where you are and bike to the party.

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