Bus, Bike or Rail?

AZCentral’s City Life publication for the week of Feb 18th – 24th has an interesting article titled “Bus, Bike or Rail: Which is best from Central Phoenix”. The article details the author’s experiment to commute a 4 mile round trip to and from 2nd St/Van Buren and 15th Ave/McDowell. The results were interesting, light rail was the slowest at 35 minutes, followed by bus and bicycle, both at 20 minutes, and 12 minutes via car. Here’s what the author had to say about Bicycle:

Bicycle: This is my favorite option, at least November through April. Pedaling through Margaret T. Hance Park gives you a whole new perspective on the green space. And you get some exercise. Not such a good option when it’s 100 degrees at 9am, though. Commute time: 20 minutes.

A 4 mile bike ride resulting in 20 minutes of travel time for the round trip puts the average speed at 12mph, this is quite leisurely and probably necessary if one doesn’t want to perspire on the ride. I question whether it’s worth it to save 8 minutes by driving. On driving the author states:

… driving for a 4 mile round trip commute seems like an indulgence. Still, it’s good to have a car on days when there are errands to run.

A somewhat valid point, I’d be curious to know exactly how many days the author actually bikes to work and if she makes any attempt to lump errands into one day to limit driving. Interestingly, she does state, quite contradictory to the bicycle being her favorite option that:

But for daily commuting, I’ll be on Route 15 (a bus route).

Unfortunately I could not locate the City Life publication online so if you’d like to read the entire article you’ll have to pick it up at a free newsstand near you or you can try to the read the cameraphone picture posted to TwitPic, it’s mostly readable.

5 thoughts on “Bus, Bike or Rail?

  1. I am not sure that is the route she takes. She mentions biking through Margaret T. Hance Park which is the Deck Park at the 10 between 3rd Ave and Central.

  2. Amazing how we’re desperate to shave those 8 minutes… to get home to the TiVo. Amazing how we want to be four feet off the ground and barricaded in, and lonely as fuck. Amazing how we despise everyone else’s presence on the road yet we only respect people who take up more space than ourselves. Amazing how humans always think they know what they want and stubbornly persist in their opinions despite their misery. Amazing how we think we’re different than the idiots we’ve been for the past million years.


  3. So, yeah, totally rail. Saturday night, it’s a rolling party. Has anyone surfed it yet? That would be rad. Books are sexy, and the train is full of sexy people! I’d much rather look up your spine than down your shirt.


  4. Biking is fine and good but not biking is where it gets hairy. A few days on my ass and I wanna goooooooOoooooooooooooooo!

    Okay, I’m going to go do something else now.


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