Mill Ave. Bike Night Jan. 17

A concert, costumes and endo rides, oh my! Bring your two-weeled beast down to Tempe Jan. 17 for the Mille Ave. Bike Night starting at 5 p.m. in the Mill Avenue District and Hayden Square Amphitheater.

The Mill Avenue District is partnering with your favorite local bike nonprofit – TBAG, of course – and other local groups like  CycleLights and TriSports to put on this ride as part of the Third Thursday series.

Anyone with wheels and a passion to ride is invited to bring art bikes, costumes, and more for a night of cruising and tunes. So, pedal on down to the Mill Avenue District for a night of groups rides then head on over to Hayden Square Amphitheater with some live music by Race You There, seats, and options for dinner and drinks.

Events for the night include:

Tri Sports Endurance Ride –  A 90 minute endurance ride starting at 5:30pm at TriSports in Downtown Tempe. Route will go up through Scottsdale, and return to the Mill Avenue District.
CycleLights Light Ride– a casual and relaxed ride throughout the Mill Avenue District.
Concert and Raffle – The concert at Hayden Square Amphitheater will begin at 8pm, and there will be a raffle for a CycleLights equipped bike provided by AZ Bicycle Exchange.

Prior to Bike Night, CycleLights will be partnering with Bad Mother Cluckers for a pre-ride meal and CycleLights fundraiser. Cost is $15 for students, and $20 for non students. The meal includes 2 entrees, 2 sides, a drink, and a set of CycleLights LED rim lights. All proceeds go towards buying old bikes, new parts, and paint jobs for bikes to send to families in Africa.

All Third Thursdays events are FREE to the public.

WHAT: Mill Avenue Bike Night
WHERE: Mill Avenue District/Hayden Square Amphitheater
WHEN: January 17, 5pm-9pm

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