New Belgium Team Wonderbike Ride – Thursday 7pm – TBP

The New Belgium guys are in town getting set up for Tour de Fat. They are hosting a Team Wonderbike cruiser ride around Tempe on Thursday night at 7pm. There will be beer. I’ll probably bring a tallbike or two. They want to meet down by the stage at Tempe Beach Park and end up at Casey Moores.

Here’s the info Craft sent:

All of us like to ride bikes, and all of us should hang out, and all of us should be members of Team Wonderbike (Team Wonderbike is a group effort trying to get more people out of their cars and onto their bikes, check it out here So what I want to do is this: The Team Wonderbike Bicycle Ride of Destiny. On Thursday night (the 8th of October) at 7pm let’s meet in Tempe Town Lake and have ourselves a bike ride. We will cruise through your streets and have a real good time, we will make new friends and chat with them, we will finish (after an hour or so) at an account and have some beers together, it will be fun, I promise. So let’s do it, let’s hang out, lets ride bikes, bring all of your friends (seriously, all of them so spread the word), and lets tell the world bikes are awesome and more people should ride them.

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