TBAG Announces Formation of the A-Team

At the Annual Member Meeting on November 7, the TBAG board took a few minutes to recognize all of TBAG members, past and present, who have contributed to making TBAG’s efforts a success. These are the folks who have made it possible for TBAG to: get operations up and running, host multiple bike valets; hold monthly Third Fridays social rides and other social events; run bike safety rodeos for groups of schoolkids; provide input to local transportation planning efforts; make the state government aware of our bicycling interests and needs; help install ghost bikes; provide all sorts of safety educational material; help out other local bicycling nonprofits; and, of course, throw one of the awesomest bike parties in Arizona, the Tempe Tour de Fat.

Congratulations and thank you to all who have been recognized in 2010.

2010 A-Team
Myko Aguilar
Ben Bahn
Boulders on Broadway
Ann Chanecka
Tanya Chavez
Ryan Cook
Chris Crosby
Kate Darby
Kristi Diller
Mark Eastwood
Chris George
Payj Gibbons
Ben Goren
Jenn Guzy
Rebecca Hale
Andrew Hamilton
Allison Karow
Stan Klonowski
Ashley Lanoue
Patrick Leahy
Adam Lock
Michael Loveland
Erica Lucci
Devlin Madai
Ryan Meyer
Mark Neff
Scott Nowicki
John Romero
Vee Subramanian
Scott Walters
Ziggy Zimmerman

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