TBAG + Bike Saviours Holiday BBQ & Winter Games 2 Sat. 12/11

How long has it been since you got knocked off a tall bike?

This Saturday, December 11th TBAG is bringing back the WINTER GAMES. It’s a celebration of bikes, community, fun, and just a great excuse to do stupid things on dangerous machines.

We also celebrate Bicycle Saviours‘ anniversary. The Tempe-founded cooperative built a lot of the bikes and machines we’ll be using in the Games plus they’re responsible for providing the tools, parts, and education that put so many two-wheelers back into regular use in Tempe. You can find out more about Bike Saviours co-op here.

Ride your bike out to Daley Park and enjoy some free food & New Belgium (w/ ID) and get into some crazy & competitive stunts.

Remember – Saturday the 11th, starts at 2 pm.
All cyclists are invited, please RSVP to the facebook event