TBAG gets a mention in PHOENIX Magazine!

I haven’t been able to source this text online just yet, but board member Jeremy came across the following in the printed version of PHOENIX Magazine in their Best of the Valley 2009 feature:

Best way to Join a Bike Gang: Tempe Bicycle Action Group
This group is serious about cycling. Created five years ago by Arizona State University graduates, the group now consists of more than one hundred bike fanatics*. The name started as a joke, but TBAG stickers now adorn frames across Tempe. From beginners to up-and-coming Lance Armstrongs, TBAG welcomes riders of all levels. Training wheelers can join them for the Cupcake Ride, a short ride to a local cupcake shop for a treat along the trail. Other events include weekend bar-hopping, bike polo, and tranquil rides around the Valley. TBAG’s six core volunteers also advocate for additional routes and rights for cyclists in Tempe. Wanna hop on? Follow TBAG’s blog for the latest. biketempe.org

*I’m not sure where they got the “more than one hundred” number from, but it’s cool nonetheless! We’ve 138 members on our Facebook Group and more than 350 members on our mailing list. Are you one of them? If not, join now! A big thank you to PHOENIX Magazine!

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