TBAG Third Fridays presents the fall Harvest Ride

For once, the “cold November rain” actually holds a meaning in the Valley of the Sun. It’s been a great start to the fall with a little cooler weather and — we just about can’t believe it — a couple of good days of rain. Despite that, we cyclists still find it really enjoyable to get out and ride in it, because we’ve earned it after a super long, hot summer.

With the turning of the leaves also comes a little experimentation from brewers as they take the best of the season’s bounty and turn it into delicious beer. Pumpkin, pomegranate, cinnamon & cloves are some of the things that go into harvest ales.

Join the TBAG gang on a wistful evening, pedaling hither and thither in search of the superior seasonal. Be at ye ol’ Tempe Beach Park entrance about 7:30 on Friday, November 18th. Bring your lights and locks, you’ll need ’em.

If you’re on facebook, RSVP here.

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