If you’re not busy this Saturday, come down to Tempe Beach Park and join us for a ride to the movies.
We’ll catch a matinee of the Where the Wild Things Are film over at Harkins Tempe Marketplace. Ride starts at TBP at Rio Salado & Mill, and winds around the campus area. See the route map here:

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One Response to “Wild Rumpus on Two-Wheelers”
  1. sam says:

    Hey Jeremy;
    Thanks for posting the route map for the Wild Things Ride. Burger King gave me an entire box of crowns. I’ve already thrown stickers (tbag & others) on about 25 of them. I also picked up some light-weight fake jewels to beef-up the bling factor. What could be better than a bejeweled bunch of TBAGers?
    We’ll definitely have some to bring to TdT for the ride marshals to wear.
    Harkins Marketplace:
    I just checked the showtimes (2pm) so we’ve got some time to decorate helmets and time for folks to stop a grab snacks to sneak in…

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