Tempe Bicycle Action Group

Central Avenue Bike Lane Proposal

Virtual meeting alert. On Thursday May 20th the City of Phoenix will host a meeting about adding bike lanes to Central Avenue from Bethany Home Road north to the Arizona Canal. The current lane configuration is two northbound and two southbound ‘general purpose’ travel lanes. The proposal would have one northbound, one southbound, a median (two way left turn) lane and buffered bike lanes!

This is just a repaving project and there would be no construction involved. So the existing pavement foot print would not be changed and the landscaping, trees, and bridal path would not be effected.

A story fits in here, we’ve heard from a person that hasn’t been on a bike in forever and drives to go 5 blocks that the proposal would help. They’ve heard of a person that lives just off Central that’s been rear-ended three times waiting to turn onto their street to go home. I guess even some drivers could be in support of this project.

Do you like this proposal? Do you want to voice your support of this proposal? Please register to speak out for bicyclists by going to the project page and request to speak, or if that’s just outside your comfort zone, submit a comment at https://www.phoenix.gov/streets/lanechanges/central

2021 Ride of Silence

Each year on the third Wednesday in May is the international bicycle ride to commemorate cyclists killed and support those injured while riding on public roads. This year the Tempe Bicycle Action Group is hosting the local ride starting from Tempe Beach Park at 7PM on May 19th. The Facebook event has a few more details https://www.facebook.com/events/457362272231254

Also more history and event reports are on the webpage http://rideofsilence.org/main.php

Monthly Board Meeting

Finally the TBAG board will be meeting on Sunday evening May 23rd at 7PM. Presently with COVID precautions still in effect the meeting is being hosted virtually using Google Meet. The meeting link will be posted on the event page on the day of https://www.facebook.com/events/3464696900296918