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Phoenix Sonoran Bikeway et.al.

Especially the Central Avenue Bike Lane Survey at the bottom!

Our research tells us the Phoenix Sonoran Bikeway is 20 years old this month!

This recreational route runs nearly the length of the City of Phoenix from South Mountain Park to the edge of the town of Cave Creek.

Here’s a Ride w/ GPS route you can use to preview the streets or download the GPX file and go ride it!

There is plenty of parking available at the South Mountain Activity Complex or you can find a spot to park along the way, Park Central Mall or Granada Park for example.

Though we searched for detail about this path all we came up with was this publicity booklet in PDF format.

Tempe’s Country Club Way Improvement Project

We’re getting down to the wire. Tempe is holding the final round of meetings on this project to present previous input and give the public one more opportunity to comment. They have published a lot of information on the project page.

The meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, June 23rd at noon and Saturday, June 26th at 9 a.m. the password to join the event is CCW. We’re pretty happy that the Reflector Route is getting some love, part of the BikeIt Boulevard system published in 2014. In the future we will be overjoyed to see plans for the Reflector Route segment from Alameda to Apache which likely will include some sort of overpass at the railroad tracks.

Highly Faulkner Shared-Use Path

We may not have mentioned this facility before now, sorry.

The Highly Faulkner Shared-Use Path is a bicycle racers dream, 6 miles of straight, smooth, new asphalt waiting for a pack of riders to zoom along it. This pathway occupies some of the right of way of the old Pecos Road now that the South Mountain segment of the 202 freeway takes that traffic load.

There are a few articles about this pathway, one on ADOTs page and a couple more thorough ones on Ahwatukee Foothills News’ page and CAZBikes page. Both of the later articles mention how critical Joe Struttmann’s work was in getting this path built. Thank you Joe.

One Last Call for Support for Central Avenue Bike Lanes

This is our last chance to swing the scales in favor of safety on north Central Avenue. The proposed striping plan would give this beautiful section of roadway a bit of a diet. Interested in what a road diet can do for everyone? The Iowa Department of Transportation put together this nice video featured in this Strong Towns post. The survey closes on Friday, June 11th at 11:59 p.m and can be accessed at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LaneChangesCentral.