The Bike Racks for Businesses project is been busy lately with an upgrade for Changing Hands, new (used) parking at Phoenix Rising, and a fresh install at Brick Road Coffee.

The Changing hands rack left something to be desired with one leg completely rusted through. We didn’t have enough space for a full rack so Jack trimmed one down to two hoops, CertiWelders added tabs, and AZ PowderCoat gave it a new Tuscan finish.

After that, one of our outstanding alums Ryan delivered two ‘raw’ (rattle canned) racks to the Phoenix Rising Stadium on East Washington. You can see more photos here.

Finally, and it’s been a long time in the process, we installed the bright yellow rack at Brick Road Coffee. Brick Road has become a new favorite morning stop on Rural Road just south of the US 60.

You can find more information about our BR4B program at or just reach out to us via email