2024 Bike Count

Join us for Tempe’s Annual Bike Count, a pivotal community-driven effort to capture the pulse of cycling in our city. Between March 26th and 28th, we’re calling on volunteers to help us document the presence of bicyclists throughout Tempe. This initiative is more than just counting bikes; it’s about understanding the needs of our cycling community and advocating for streets that prioritize safety, accessibility, and enjoyment for all.

Why Participate?

  • Advocate for Safer Streets: Your participation directly supports our mission to make Tempe’s roads safer and more welcoming for cyclists.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with fellow cycling enthusiasts and become part of a movement towards sustainable mobility.
  • Data-Driven Change: The data collected is crucial for informing city planning and transportation policies to better serve cyclists.

How to Get Involved:

  • Sign Up: Register as a volunteer below. No previous experience is necessary, and all are welcome!
  • Attend a Brief Training: We’ll provide you with all the information and tools you need to accurately count and record data. Two in person sessions available, as well as a virtual training.
  • Choose Your Shift(s): Each day during the count, we have morning and evening rush hour shifts available. Pick one or as many that you want to count for, and we’ll work with you to match you up to intersections to count at.
  • Count: Spend a few hours during the count week observing and tallying bicyclists. It’s a great way to contribute to your community while enjoying the great weather.

Your efforts will lay the groundwork for a more bike-friendly Tempe, creating a safer and more enjoyable environment for everyone. Let’s pedal together towards a future where more people feel safe to get around by foot or bike. Sign up today and be part of the change!

Together, we’re not just counting bikes; we’re making every ride count.

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