Bike Valet

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Tempe Bicycle Action Group offers free Bike Valet at nearby events. Bike Valet gives event attendees a safe, economical, and eco-friendly transportation option, especially good for congested downtown areas with scarce parking.

TBAG uses transportable aluminum racks and/or existing bike racks, and a ticketed system to ensure a fast and reliable valet.

To request Bike Valet for an upcoming event, please fill out the following form:

Bike Valet Request Form

If you have any questions just ask, email

Attention Valet Volunteers

There’s been a lot of interest in helping out with the 2020 edition of the Innings Festival, thank you for that. But, before we can enjoy the great acts coming to that event we have a few other valets to staff. There’s a good chance that first crack at volunteer shifts for Innings will go to our recent valet volunteers. With that in mind we are doing the Four Peaks Octoberfest on the 11th-13th. Shifts are offered on a first come/first served basis and if you’re seeing the URL here volunteer signup is OPEN!