Hey, pedal-pushers! TBAG and Culdesac, Tempe’s first car free community are partnering to bring you something special with the support of Waymo and the City of Tempe. Mark your calendars, oil your chains, and get ready to kick some asphalt at the Tempe PedalPalooza 2024. It’s not just an event; it’s a revolution on two wheels. Are you ready to experience the most talked-about, two-wheeled extravaganza in Tempe?

When and Where?

The Main Event: No Drop 6-Mile Group Ride

  • Kick-Off: 11:30 AM sharp (or not-so-sharp if you had a rough Friday night)
  • Pace: No drop, because we’re all in this together – except for humvees, they can drop off the planet.

What’s On

  • Bike Games: Because adults and kids need playtime, especially when it involves two wheels.
  • Food Trucks: Refuel your tank with more than just energy bars and water. We’re talking real food, folks!
  • Music: Beats to pedal to. Warning: spontaneous dance-offs may occur.
  • Bike Swap Meet: Find that extra special super charge for your bike.
  • Bicycle Safety Training: Learn how not to become a hood ornament. Safety first, sarcasm second.

Why You Should Come:

  • You love your bike more than your childhood teddy bear.
  • You want to make Tempe the kind of place where cars get jealous. 🚗😒
  • You’ve been looking for an excuse to wear those funky cycling shorts.
  • You want to celebrate cycling with other people who believe in the freedom of two wheels.

Get Involved!

Got a question? Have a great idea for how to make PedalPalooza even more awesome? Want your organization to partner with us and become a legend in the biking community? Contact us at info@biketempe.org. We’re like the cool bike gang you always wanted to join, but with email.

Final Thought

Remember, in a world full of gas guzzlers, be a wheel warrior. Join us at Tempe PedalPalooza 2024, where we celebrate the joy of biking, the thrill of rebellion, and the taste of freedom (which, by the way, tastes a lot like food truck tacos). See you there, you magnificent biking rebels!

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Waymo: Leading the charge with their self-driving tech, Waymo is like the cool, tech-savvy uncle of the road. Big shoutout to them for supporting TBAG! With their generosity, we’re pedaling towards a future where bikes and autonomous cars share the streets in harmony—like craft beer and pizza on a Friday night. Here’s to making roads safer and our rides smoother. Check out their awesomesauce at https://waymo.com/phx

City of Tempe: Tempe’s not just about sunny skies and great vibes; they’re serious about biking safety too. With their support, TBAG is shifting gears towards safer and more accessible rides. Dive into Bike Month and see how Tempe is putting safety first for cyclists. Check out their Bike Month page and join the ride towards a greener, cleaner, more equitable city. Let’s roll!