Election Cycles: TBAG Offers Group Ride Assistance to All Candidates

Tempe City Hall

Tempe City Hall

Tempe Bicycle Action Group (TBAG) believes in the power of cycling as a force for positive change. We are dedicated to making the streets of Tempe safer, friendlier, and more accessible for everyone. As the 2024 Tempe City Council and Mayor elections kick into gear, we’re offering a unique opportunity to connect with our city’s potential leaders in a fun and healthy way.

We’re excited to announce that TBAG will assist all candidates running in the upcoming election to organize group bicycle rides for their campaign. Our goal is to provide an equal platform for all candidates to engage with the local cycling community and share their unique vision for Tempe, understand on-the-ground challenges faced by cyclists, and foster a spirit of camaraderie among all participants.

TBAG is offering to assist candidates’ group rides with:

  • Ride marshaling
  • Group riding safety orientation
  • Route planning

Please Note: TBAG assistance with candidate rides does not constitute endorsement.

Candidates and their teams interested in scheduling a group ride should email info@biketempe.org. Please include your preferred day, time, and start location and at least one backup option. If TBAG assists with a ride, candidates must ensure the event is open to the public so TBAG may invite our members and the wider Tempe cycling community; allow for TBAG to provide a brief rules of the road safety orientation pre-ride; and allow for TBAG to provide ride marshalls to model safe cycling practices and keep the entire group safe. TBAG may provide additional support with route planning and pre-event bike safety checks as requested by candidates.

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