About Us

Tempe Bicycle Action Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to make bicycling a prominent, safe and convenient form of transportation and recreation in Tempe, Arizona and surrounding areas through education, grassroots events, and civic participation.

Our objectives are to:

  • Collaborate with the City of Tempe and neighboring communities to enable bicycling as a prominent, safe and convenient form of everyday transportation and recreation.
  • Cooperate with other bicycle and alternative transportation entities.
  • Provide an online knowledge base for regional cycling information such as, commuting routes, group ride opportunities, bicycling events, cycling organizations, etc.
  • Represent the interests of cyclists in local, regional and state government
  • Organize and promote grassroots cycling events.
  • Partner with local employers to develop policies and infrastructure to encourage their workforce to bicycle commute.
  • Promote the bicycle as a a tool for creating a sustainable community

TBAG aims to coordinate Tempe area cyclists to speak with a unified voice on bicycle related issues. We work closely with the City of Tempe to provide feedback on bicycle infrastructure, transportation planning activities, and to lobby City Council and the Mayor on issues of importance to cyclists.

Some of the events and programs we do include:
Free bicycle valet at downtown Tempe events
Bike rack installations at local businesses
– Recognition and promotion of bicycle friendly businesses
Promote and celebrate Tempe Bike Month and Bike To Work Day
Organize and lead social bike rides
– A bike lights and other essential cycling accessories (e.g. locks) program to encourage bicycling for transportation.
Training courses on bicycle safety and commuting.

Keep an eye on our blog for the latest on what we are up to.

Contact TBAG:


PO BOX 1884
Tempe, AZ 85280

Board of Directors:

President: Patrick Valandra (valandra@biketempe.org)
Vice President: Jeff Caslake (jeff@biketempe.org)
Treasurer: Nate FitzGerald (nate@biketempe.org)
Secretary: Ben Nyer (ben@biketempe.org)
Webmaster: Preston Swan (preston@biketempe.org)
Board Member: Shamus Burns (shamus@biketempe.org)
Board Member: Jackie Edens (jackie@biketempe.org)
Board Member: Bill Terrance (bill@biketempe.org)
Board Member: Jeff Titone (jt@biketempe.org)

Advisers to the Board:

Public Art and Special Projects: Eric Iwersen (eric@biketempe.org)
Joseph Perez (joe@biketempe.org)
Ryan Guzy (ryan@biketempe.org)
Jeremy Deathrage (jeremy@biketempe.org)

Project Leaders:

Bike Lights: Ben Nyer (ben@biketempe.org)
Bike Valets:  Bill Terrance (bill@biketempe.org)
Events Coordinator: Bill Terrance (bill@biketempe.org)
Counters n’ Crunchers: Bill Terrance (bill@biketempe.org)
Rides Coordinator: Ben Nyer (ben@biketempe.org) and Nate FitzGerald (nate@biketempe.org)
Adult Education: Ben Nyer (ben@biketempe.org)
Awareness Committee: Scott Walters (scrottie@biketempe.org)
Advocacy Director: Nate, Jeff, Preston
Bike Count Coordinator: Bill Terrance (bill@biketempe.org)
Bike Count Principle Investigator: Cliff Anderson
Street Team: Stevie (stevie@biketempe.org)
Bike Racks Installation: Preston Swan (preston@biketempe.org)

Past Board Members:

Joseph Perez (joe@biketempe.org)
Ryan Cook (rcook@biketempe.org)
Dee Kuijer-Watts(dee@biketempe.org)
Mark Tauber (mark.tauber@biketempe.org)
Ryan Guzy (ryan@biketempe.org)
Jeremy Deathrage (jeremy@biketempe.org)
Ashley Lanoue (ashley@biketempe.org)
Aaron Golub (aaron@biketempe.org)
Mark Neff (mark@biketempe.org)
Kate Darby (kate@biketempe.org)
Scott Nowicki (scott@biketempe.org)
Stan Klonowski (stan@biketempe.org)
Chris Crosby (chris@biketempe.org)
Tom Tomczyk (tom@biketempe.org)
Sam Bollinger (sam@biketempe.org)
Public Relations: Sarah Mason (sarah@biketempe.org)
Advocacy: Scott Walters (scrottie@biketempe.org)

Bylaws of the Tempe Bicycle Action Group, an Arizona NonProfit Corporation

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