Another upcoming event (Friday): Hot Fresh Bike Touring

Here’s another neat event this Friday, September 19 (which is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day). Contact to let him know if you’re interested in going.

Everyone ready for some Friday night bike touring? Here’s the plan:

Meet up at Bike Saviours/Casa de Lobo at 5:30pm on Friday. Leave at 6pm and ride out Rio/8th St. to Country Club, up 87, through Fountain Hills, and out to McDowell Mountain Park. It’s 32 miles one way and 1300ft total elevation gain. We should get there around 8:30 or 9pm. Make sure you have good lights (and bring spare tubes and tools as always!).

Eat dinner before you come down to the co-op, but bring picnic foods for when we get to the campsite, bread, fruit, crackers, hummus, cheese, wine etc. Also bring something for breakfast. We’ll get up with the sun and probably leave by 8 or 9, it’s mostly downhill on the way back so it will probably only take a couple hours.

Camping at McDowell Mountain Park is really made for RVs but they do allow tents. I talked to someone at the park and they said there isn’t necessarily a limit on how many people can camp at a site. She just said they didn’t want 6 tents and a bunch of cars at the site, I told her we’d have no cars and we probably wouldn’t put up very many tents if at all. They say it isn’t ever full this time of year so as long as we pay the $20 fee for the site we shouldn’t have any trouble.

I (Ryan) think it would be cool to do a series of local Friday night to Saturday morning bike tours in the next few months, we can ride to Usery and Lost Dutchman, and Ben also suggested Four Peaks. If we had planned it for last weekend we could have done it by moonlight, maybe we’ll try that next month. I’ll send out another notice when we’re planning the next one.

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