Bike to Work and School Day Re-cap

Thanks to everyone who participated in Bike to Work and School Day on Wednesday, as well as to the TBAG volunteers who provided moral support at each of the breakfast stops. It was a great morning for a bike ride. Things were busiest at the Wildflower, Whole Foods, and 6th Street Park stops, but we had our fair share of tenacious commuters visiting Berning’s Fine Jewelery and IKEA as well, and learned a thing or two about navigating through those sections of Tempe. Two highlights for me at Berning’s were meeting a lot of long-distance commuters (commuting over 20 miles, round-trip), and meeting Patricia, owner of the third-generation business Berning’s Fine Jewelery and long-time supporter of bicycling in Tempe. Check out a couple of the cool pictures from previous years in the photograph below.

Patricia and Pup

Here’s what Ben had to add about the 6th Street happenings:

Ryan Guzy, Sam Savage, and Ben Bahn joined up at the sixth street station in downtown Tempe to greet the commuters as they rolled in. At six in the morning times were a bit slow, which then picked as the morning
progressed. Being the downtown and the end of the community ride with the mayor, we had lot commuters, some passing on to reach further work destinations even in other cities. We had a wide range of cycles and
commuters which was great to see as always. We had cruisers, tricycles, recumbents, comfort, mountain, and road bikes all join the fun. It was great to see the different rides and what equipment they used to for ride. Children to seniors all enjoyed the breakfast snacks and beverages. Some community ride cyclists had a second snack or beverages. At one point I witnessed a friendship forming when two commuters found out they both ride bikes to their workplace. Most commuters showed an interest or already heard about T.B.A.G., and we
should have some new faces at the upcoming bike events.

Ryan took some pictures of the Sixth Street bicyclists, which can be seen here.

Berning’s Fine Jewelery

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