Tempe Tour de Fat – Saturday Oct 4th 2014

The Tour de Fat is coming to Tempe again this year on Saturday, October 4th 2014 at Tempe Beach Park!

Come to one of the biggest cycling events in the valley. Don’t forget to dress up!

Tempe Bicycle Action Group, The Mountain Bike Association of Arizona, The Central Arizona Mountain Bike Patrol, and Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective, derive their main source of funding from the Tour de Fat. New Belgium does not keep any of the proceeds. The event is staffed by volunteers and all proceeds go directly to these non-profit groups.

2014 Volunteer Sign-Up


Volunteer signup for the 2014 Tempe Tour de Fat is now open!

Would you like to support bicycling advocacy? TBAG, Bike Saviors, MBAA, and CAMBP need you! Volunteer at the biggest, most enjoyable traveling bike festival anywhere! All of the volunteers will have a great time PLUS you get some great stuff too. (Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing how much you helped advocate for bikes by giving just a few hours of your time.)

Volunteers will receive:
- A free Tour de Fat t-shirt
- Free beer tokens
- Access to an area set up for exclusive use by volunteers

Sign-Up Early for best spots

Feel free to email tourdefat@biketempe.org if you have questions, comments or updates on your volunteer situation.;
Prizes are awarded for Best Team Costume and Best Individual Costume. Plan ahead!

Registered Teams
Teams are for small groups of people (3-12) that want to work together. So grab a couple of friends and sign up now. New teams can be registered by the Team Leader with the sign-up form.

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  2. Photographer says:

    Last year I came across enormous quantity of bikers passing by. Many were dressed up in a weird manner. I was photographing them and wanted some more this year. Is this Tour de fat or it was something else? The morons running all such events are totally brain dead: where is the map? What time should I come in and where to stand to photograph the weirdos? The website provides no info whatsoever, 100% worthless. You only exercise your saddles and never heads. I clicked on calendar and, as everywhere else, it is practically blank. To top it all, like all NSA snoops, it gives me fascist orders that name and email is required: darlings – go to hell. I decide what required and what not, and in no event anyone else will decide it for me.

  3. Ank says:

    @photographer: i too am curious who they were. i saw them in asu, and they were heading from 1 public fountain to another!

  4. Troll says:

    Dear Flamebait Photographer,

    The _very_ first link in this post takes you to


    Once there you may then click “Tempe Arizona” (are you still with me?? I know this is complicated) to go to this URL:


    This page states the venue is at Tempe Beach Park, list a route map for the parade as well as an hourly breakdown of the festival events.

    This internet stuff can be tough sometimes; it’s ok. Hope you enjoy yourself! Ride Bikes!!

  5. S W says:

    The people going from fountain to fountain were probably doing the Summer Solstice Swimsuit Ride: http://www.biketempe.org/summer-solstice-swimsuit-ride-iii-sat-june-16-2-p-m/

    There’s no published route for it but we have had photographers meet us at one or two stops. Please get in touch with i...@biketempe.org if you’d like to help photograph stuff. We could certainly use the help!

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