Farmer’s Market Ride Postponed

Due to a small number of responses and a change in plans for yours truly, we are going to postpone the Farmer’s Market Ride until next Saturday, August 30. We will meet at Tempe Beach Park at 7 am to ride 9 miles over to the market, and we’ll plan to return by around 9:30. Again, it will be a leisurely pace of about 12 mph. I hope to see you there!

Also, stay tuned for more information about upcoming events, including plans for this year’s Tour de Fat (October 11) and another membership meeting!

4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Ride Postponed

  1. Hey’all!

    My name’s Dani, I’m from Spain and new in Tempe. I arrived here ten days ago and I’ll stay for ten moths as an exchange scholar at the School of Geographical Sciences (ASU). Back in Spain I loved to ride my bike to get pretty much everywhere and now I’d like to keep that here, as long as possible :)
    I’ve found you by googling and I’d like to join some of your events, if that’s ok for you. I hope I can make it next Saturday to the farmers market but, but not sure; if not I’ll stay tuned for upcoming events.

    Hope to meet you guys soon,


  2. Well, I’m glad I didn’t miss the ride even though I missed the announcement. Since I’m incapable of waking up at that hour on my own, would you please search the bushes at Tempe Lake Park and rouse me before you set off?


  3. Oh, by the way, hi Dani. In Spain, you have beaches, wine, and dancing. Here, we have heat. I hope you’re not regretting your few months here too much already. As they say, the more the merrier! Of course you’re welcome to join a ride. First Friday is good because there is art and crowds. The Tuesday night CRAP ride is casual and social, and people hang out , gab, and enjoy good beers. I haven’t done a cupcake ride so I don’t know what they’re like. I haven’t done a farmer’s market ride yet either, but now I’m in the awkward position of having to feed myself. Some people have a bike and a car. A lot only have a bike. The guys at spend all of their money on expensive bike components and can’t afford cars but have really nice bikes 😉


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