Favorite East-West routes to Phoenix?

This morning, I rode my bike from the downtown Tempe area to downtown Phoenix along Washington Street. Up through 24th Street, Washington is a pleasant and fast way to travel, but after 24th bicyclists face disappearing/reappearing bike lanes and bone-rattling, uneven pavement. On the other hand, the route is fairly short (just over 10 miles).

This experience, and numerous other discussions got me wondering: what are your preferred East-West routes?

There’s Oak Street, of course, which is low in traffic but which lengthens the ride considerably.

A regular commuter mentioned riding along Van Buren up until 36th street, then turning north and then riding along Roosevelt the rest of the way, which I’ve found pretty pleasant.

There’s always the Grand Canal, although parts of it appeared to be under construction, and southern sections are tricky to find.

What do you think?