First Fridays Ride – Back in Action

Everyone, sorry for the hiatus on posts there for a while. Occasionally we get busy. But the good news is, we’ll be having another ride over to downtown Phoenix this Friday, August 1 for the First Fridays Artwalk. We will meet up on the northeast corner of Mill and 5th at 6 pm, just outside of Restaurant Mexico, departing by 6:15. Leave a note in the comments if you plan to come so I know to wait for you.

Also, the cupcake rides will be resuming in about 2 months when the weather starts to cool off. Sprinkles is now open in Scottsdale, so we might have to go and check it out. Feel free to go on advance reconnaissance missions to prepare.

Lastly, in the near future I will also be organizing a Saturday morning ride to the Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market, most likely on Saturday, August 23, leaving downtown Tempe at 7 am and returning at approximately 10 am.

Bicycles have been making headlines across the country these days as people worry about gas prices and carbon footprints, which can only mean good news for those of us already on the road.

Keep riding,

15 thoughts on “First Fridays Ride – Back in Action

  1. cupcake rides? count me in… when i get into town that is. i’m going to be moving to Tempe from Bellingham, WA and was wondering if bike polo is still going on?


  2. How are the First Friday bike rides for newbie bikers? I’ve been commuting to and from work for about three weeks now on my single-speed beach cruiser and was thinking of joining in on one of the rides some time. I’m a rather out of shape fatgirl, so my speed is pretty slow.

  3. @ Matt: I’ll check in and get back to you on bike polo. It’ll be nice to have more Washingtonians around (I’m a native Seattleite)

    @ Eliza: We keep the pace easy, so if your butt can handle being in the seat for about an hour at a time, you should be okay. Also, if your bike fits in the racks on the bus, you could always ride there and then take the bus home (red line) if the ride back seemed like too much. Bring lights!

  4. Yup. Just as Rebecca writes, Eliza, it’s an easy ride. We usually keep the speed down to the low-to-mid 20s.

    …km/h, not mi/h, that is….

    Which, for me, will be just as well this time, since I’m still out of shape since the surgery….

    Oh…and, matt…would you be so kind as to bring some rain with you? We sure could use some….



  5. I’ll try and catch up with you guys if I can! Might need to meet up en route. Are you taking Washington/ Roosevelt?

  6. Good to see some of you last night! btw, we usually have bottled water for sale in the hot months. feel free to lock up to our fence (as some of you did!) bike on!

    Randy Kinkel
    Bike Commuter
    Red Dog Gallery

  7. Thanks, Randy! Not sure which I appreciate more — the free parking or the free art show. Yours is one of the better galleries in the area. It’s very hard to do funny and cute things with animals without becoming saccharine, but your artists manage to pull it off.

    If the water is chilled, I’ll be sure to buy a bottle next time.



  8. I think the Downtown Saturday ride is a great idea, only problem is the lack of bike racks! this is coming from some one who works the farmers market and is trying to figure this out seeing as how i ride to it every Saturday.

  9. is Aug 23rd ride still going down? i just got into town and it would be cool to do a little group riding. also, i heard about a, ‘Silent Sunday’ ride, and was wondering if anyone knew of a posted route for that?

    yeahhhh. thanks!

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