First Fridays Ride to Downtown Phoenix

Hi everyone,

It looks like the ride to Downtown Phoenix is becoming a regular thing! I’ll head up the ride this Friday, starting from 5th Street and Mill Avenue at 6 pm, and traveling along the fast route to Downtown Phoenix. Just so you are aware, I probably won’t stay too long downtown, so it’s worth thinking through your options for the return ride (come back early-ish with me, meet up with friends, put your bike on the Red Line bus). Be sure to bring good lights.

Also, we’re looking for people who might be interested in co-leading this ride in future months–if you’re interested in leading one or several rides, leave a note in the Comments. Also leave a note if you plan on coming and want to make sure we wait for you.

Lastly, stay tuned for a blog update on the outcomes from our recent Membership Meeting.

3 thoughts on “First Fridays Ride to Downtown Phoenix

  1. I’ll definitely have to check that out, too–one of my friends is one of the artists whose work is part of that!

  2. Just like last time, you guys are welcome to lock your rides to our iron fence if you want to. we are on 3rd St between Fillmore and McKinley. be advised 3rd St where we are is a one-way street going south. Right Next door to us is the Roosevelt Tavern. we will have guitar and violin music.

    Randy Kinkel
    Red Dog Gallery
    812 N 3rd St

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