Free Beer – October Volunteer Help Needed

Everyone knows about the Tour de Fat already, but we have two other big events in October that we need help with:

The Tempe Octoberfest Bike Valet on Oct. 7th-9th.
And the Tour de Tempe Family Ride on Oct 23rd.

We need people to park bikes at the Tempe Octoberfest, and we need ride leaders and help with setup at the Tour de Tempe.

Octoberfest volunteers will get vouchers for free beer and food at the event. Tour de Tempe volunteers will get gift vouchers to Boulders on Broadway. Volunteers signed up for either event will also get free Tour de Fat beer tokens and an invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Party at Boulders on Broadway on Oct 27th.

So if free beer interests you, sign up today!

2 thoughts on “Free Beer – October Volunteer Help Needed

  1. Sunday volunteer, man. Make me roll outta bed early why don’t you?
    I already promised Ryan, so I’m committed!

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