New bike lane striping at two Tempe intersections

Those of you who ride in northern Tempe have probably noticed the new red bike lanes at the intersections of College and Apache, and Ash and University that were installed a little over a week ago.

red bike lanes

The red “treatment” is a test and these two intersections were targeted due to their high bicycle use and unique automotive traffic restrictions (southbound traffic at both intersections is not permitted). Here is what Eric Iwersen, City of Tempe Transportation Planner, has to say about the new red lanes:

City of Tempe installed a new colorized surface treatment in the bike lanes at the intersections of Ash & University and College & Apache to increase the visibility of the bike lane and to emphasize and support compliance with the unique vehicle lane striping at these sites. The colorized treatment is an experiment and will be reviewed by the city for possible broader use in the community.

Tempe has issued an official press release on the new bike lanes, and Eric also appeared on Channel 3 (you may have to register to see the video) at the crack of dawn on Friday morning to discuss the new lanes.

Although I wish the lanes were a more bold shade of red (and reflective), I think they are a step in the correct direction. It is great to see Tempe testing new ways to increase visibility and safety for cyclists.

What do you think about the new red bike lanes at these intersections? Where else in Tempe would similar highlighting of the bike lane through the intersection help to improve cyclist’s safety?