Papago Mountain Bike Racing

Been quiet around here over the past month, but I expect you’ll see an upswing in activity on the TBAG site in coming weeks.

January marks the start of the Arizona mountain bike racing season and the Papago Peddler Short Track is kicking things off this Saturday (Jan 5th)! This is a fun event that features short race lengths (< 1hr for all categories) on a fast course through the Tempe portion of Papago. It should be a good event to get your racing legs back or to try out mountain bike racing for the first time. There will day of race registration, so come out and make a few fast laps around the park.

TBAG is helping to organize this event and we could use a few helpers. Responsibilities will be minimal and shouldn’t interfere with your ability to race. If you want to help out, drop us an email at

I also noticed that Papago is hosting a 12 hr mountain bike race on January 19th. The 12 Hours of Pain & Purpose Mountain Bike Challenge
is a fund raiser for the Sydney Hudson Foundation. It could be an interesting event and to my knowledge this is the first time anyone has promoted an endurance race in Papago. Unfortunately, the event is on a busy weekend in the calendar and conflicts with the MBAA McDowell race.

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  1. Another idea for TBAG, not that I should be the volunteer who presents since I’m probably going to be helping out as a gopher during the event is:

    2008 Local to Global Justice Teach-In
    Derrumbando Muros y Levantando Puentes/
    Turning Walls Into Bridges
    March 1-2, 2008 ASU College of Education (Tempe, AZ)
    Website (to download the proposal):
    Programming and workshop/skill share email: (send completed proposals to this address)

    Call for Proposals
    RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, November 7, 2007
    DEADLINE: Friday, February 1, 2008 by Midnight

    The Local to Global Justice (LTGJ) Teach-In is in its exciting 7th year! The event is an opportunity for sharing our work, generating excitement, and building connections across the range of inter-connected social issues that the various groups address. It is also one big activist party with awesome music and art, interactive displays and projects, and great free food!

    This year’s theme, Derrumbando Muros y Levantando Puentes/Turning Walls Into Bridges, seeks to sustain and expand the Teach-In’s commitment to bringing together diverse approaches and issues related to social change, and engaging groups in honest and productive dialogue. We invite workshops/skill shares across all issues of social change, progressive and radical activism, and innovative solutions to social issues. In the spirit of the Teach-In’s goals to actively approach social issues, we encourage groups to present workshops/skill shares that invite audience participation, and directly engage teach-in participants. Please note that organizations and presenters who have never presented at the Teach-In will receive precedence over returning organizations/presenters doing workshops.

    To propose a workshop/skill share, please go to our website ( to download the proposal.

    This year’s sessions will be limited to 4 workshops/skill shares per session, and organizations/student groups/presenters will only be allowed to present during one session (there will be roughly 6 total sessions on Sat. & Sun.). That said, you can certainly send in as many proposals for different workshops/skill shares as you want.

    The LTGJ Program Committee will respond back to all proposals by February 4th, 2008 informing you if your workshop/skill share was accepted or not. No late proposals will be accepted. Also, Local to Global Justice relies on your help in publicizing the Teach-In. Please forward our info or Call for Proposals far and wide (including people in other regions/states/nations). Everyone is welcome. If you will be coming into town and need a place to stay please let us know at our riseup email account.

    If you or a member of your group would like to become involved with the Teach-In planning, or if you should have any questions regarding proposals please send an email to Thank you!

    Local to Global Justice

  2. I represent a bicycle rider at ASU who is charged with violating Tempe’s city ordinance that prohibits riding a bicycle on a sidewalk contrary to the flow of traffic. (of cars). Does anyone out there know about this ordinance?

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