Sorry for the last-minute notice, but there *will* be a ride to First Fridays tomorrow. Meet up at 6 pm at Tempe Beach Park, with plans to stop by the Rusty Spoke and Radio Phoenix.

And if that isn’t enough, don’t forget the cupcake ride on Saturday at 10 am, also leaving from Tempe Beach Park for an expedition up to Sprinkles in Scottsdale!

7 Responses to “Ride to First Fridays”
  1. Ben Goren says:

    I really wish I could join y’all…but I’ve got a brass quintet gig tomorrow evening.

    And, I *really* wish I could do the cupcake ride, but I’ll almost certainly be ripping up carpet in the house which I should own as of sometime tomorrow!



  2. I’m back and lookin’ to ride!!


  3. Ellery says:

    You guys leave too early, I don’t get off work till 6!!!!!!!!

  4. Ellery says:

    Wait, never mind – I got off work early. I WILL BE THERE!!!

  5. Randy Kinkel says:

    Thanks to all who dropped by Red Dog Gallery, 812 N 3rd St, 85004! Good to see you. you are always welcome to lock up to our iron fence.

  6. Tim Reynolds says:

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  7. Rebecca Clark says:

    Thanks as usual, Randy!

    PS-my cat loves the painting.

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