Ride to the Farmer’s Market!

As promised, we’re going to take a ride to the Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market this Saturday, August 23. However, I haven’t settled on a time for the ride yet. If you want to come, and you have a preference, leave a note in the comments before Thursday, and I’ll finalize the time and will announce it on Friday morning. Some things to keep in mind:

1. We’ll travel at a comfortable pace of around 12 mph, which means the ride will take about an hour (it’s 9 miles plus stoplights).

2. The Farmer’s Market opens at 8, and to get the best produce, it pays to get there early (so the earliest we’d set out would be 7 am, leaving from Tempe Beach Park).

3. It’s still the summer, so it will get hot on the ride back. We’ll plan on spending about 45 minutes at the Market, so the total trip will take around 3 hours.

4. Useful things to bring: A method for carrying groceries (panniers/trailer/backpack), cash (they will take credit cards, but they’re a pain), plenty of water for the ride there and back, and sunscreen.

5. Some of the things you could get at the Market: fresh seasonal vegetables from local farms, delicious snacks by local chefs, eggs, handmade pasta, tortillas, sandwich bread, hummus and pita chips, Queen Creek Olive Oil, fancy chocolate, crafts…