TBAG movie nights

Thanks to everyone who made our first movie screening a success! We had approximately 35 people at our February 13th screening of Breaking Away, and we had a great time. Boulders on Broadway (530 West Broadway Road) seems like a good spot and the owners and managers are incredibly bike-friendly. We’re going to make this a regular event, so help us out by giving us feedback so that we can improve the experience in the future.

Items where we’d like feedback:

Food: We can get pretty good deals on all-you-can-eat pizza or pasta. If people are interested, we can have everyone who’s eating pay a flat fee (somewhere in neighborhood of $7 or $8) and the wait staff would keep the food flowing all night. Unfortunately there’s no chance of a similar deal for alcohol, but their happy hour is pretty nice.

Movies: If we’re going to make this a regular event, we need to generate a list of appropriate movies. Help us brainstorm the best bike-themed movies. We’re open to everything – documentaries, cartoons, adrenaline flics are all fair game.

Leave any suggestions about movie nights in the comments section. Thanks!