The Bike Commuters website has a very nice profile of Tempe bicycle commuter Paul Emerson. Paul works at ASU and commutes up and down College Ave. daily. I don’t know Paul personally, but as someone who also rode College daily to ASU, I definitely recognize him and his nice collection of Surlys – including a sweet Xtracycle!

Ride on Paul!

Check out Paul’s profile HERE

2 Responses to “Tempe Bike Commuter Profiled”
  1. cyclist says:

    “I would just hope all bikers remember that every time they take to the road they represent all of us, and should know and obey the rules of the road, even if the motorists seldom do. Also, keep the rubber side down!”


  2. Paul says:

    Hey thanks for noticing. I read your blog too! Best bike group name EVER.

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