Tempe Bikestation RFP Now Available

The City of Tempe has just issued a Request for Proposals for the Tempe Bikestation, which is scheduled to open along with the light rail on December 27. The RFP is for those who are interested in operating the Bikestation–more information is below. As a reminder, TBAG will be operating a bicycle valet out of the Bikestation during the light rail grand opening festivities. Stop by to check out the space!

The RFP is available on-line at www.tempe.gov/purchasing

Bid/Proposal/Solicitation No.: 09-044
Procurement Description: Regional Bicycle Center

Bid Due Date: 1/8/2009 (3pm)
Buyer: Lisa Goodman
Bid Title: Regional Bicycle Center

Summary: The City of Tempe Regional Bicycle Center (RBC) is a one-stop
regional bicycle commuter parking facility located at 200 E. 5th
Street in the Transportation Center at the northwest corner of 5th
Street and College Avenue. The Transportation Center offers a variety
of mobility choices and amenities to encourage travel trips that
improve air quality, reduce traffic and parking congestion, and
enhance the community’s livability. The RBC is located on the first
floor of the Transportation Center and has 2,000 square feet of
bicycle storage racks, lockers, and restrooms.

Scope & Operations guidelines – start on pg. 27 for those who may
want to check it out.

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