Tempe Transportation Committee Meeting Notes

Last Wednesday, the Tempe Transportation Commission Multi-Modal Planning & Project Review Committee (the Transit Committee for short) had its usual monthly/bi-monthly meeting.

For those who don’t know, the Transit Committee reviews projects that are in all stages of implementation throughout Tempe, and these are public meetings where you can find out what Tempe is up to in terms of alternative-transit projects. This includes things like the traffic calming measures that are in the testing phase along College Avenue and in the Maple-Ash/Mitchell Park East neighborhoods, as well as all of the canal renovation projects (but see the Tempe in Motion website for much more information).

Aaron Golub is currently the TBAG representative at Transit Committee meetings, but I also went for fun and have two items to bring to your attention:

1. Traffic calming: The City has received a lot of feedback from the public during the testing phase of traffic calming in the two above-mentioned neighborhoods. The testing phase is due to end relatively soon. You can provide public comment on the projects through Tempe’s website by going to the “Traffic Calming” tab, clicking on the relevant project, and sharing your opinion. Get involved!

2. The Tempe Bike Hero Award Nominations are still open until at least December 31, and there have only been 2 nominations so far. Let’s make sure that Tempe’s best get recognized–take a few minutes to help recognize Tempe’s best. See Tom’s previous post for more details on the nomination process, which is pretty simple and fast (heck, maybe I’ll nominate you if you can give me a convincing reason to do so!).

One thought on “Tempe Transportation Committee Meeting Notes

  1. Thanks Rebecca, I don’t have much to add.

    For those interested in the traffic calming plans, we’ll try and keep you posted on any city hearings regarding those plans so you can participate.

    On a related issue – over the coming months, Tempe will be deciding the routing and technologies for their light rail extensions to the south. Go here to learn about meetings, past presentations and a survey of residents.


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