This Weekend: Bike-In Movie, Cupcake Ride, Silent Sunday

Just a reminder that there are two TBAG-sponsored rides/activities going on this weekend:

Friday, April 25: Bike-in Movie at Scottsdale 6. See below for details.

Bike-In movie flier

Saturday, April 26: Cupcake Ride 3: The Cupcake Returns. We’ll meet at 10 am at the entrance to Tempe Beach Park (NW corner of Mill and Rio Salado) for the 4-mile easy ride up the greenbelt to Lulu’s Cupcakes. This is a great ride for kids and those who are new to bicycling and group-riding.

Please note there will be no bike polo today. Polo will resume as planned next Friday, May 2nd. See you all then.

Finally, this weekend is Silent Sunday at South Mountain.

Hope to see you on a bike this weekend!

2 thoughts on “This Weekend: Bike-In Movie, Cupcake Ride, Silent Sunday

    Hate Bird S*^#?! – Try these (I’ll send pics soon)
    So we’ve had this terrible problem with birds hanging out in the huge tree by our front walk – they crap on everything – really gross!
    So, I made some bird spikes from some angle iron & old bike spokes (lots of old bike spokes). I strapped them up in the tree this morining. It’s the first crap free day we’ve had in a couple of years!

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