Two upcoming events: Bicycle for a Day and ride to Okkervil River show

The weather has cooled down, but the events are heating up! Here are two upcoming events that should be fun:

Ride to Okkervil River Show: Thursday, September 25, 7 pm, Tempe Beach Park
Jeremy will be organizing a group to ride over to the show–see the flyer here: Okkervil River Flyer

Bicycle for a Day
: Saturday, September 20, 10 am, Tempe Beach Park

This is an event in solidarity with an event in Manhattan–Tom will be heading up a local event for those of us in Tempe. Read below the jump for details.

The scoop:

Here is the event link on facebook and below are the details of the ride for those not on facebook.

Some of you have joined the National Facebook group Bicycle for a Day, I’m trying to get a ride organized locally. Start Point is Tempe Beach Park with a 10+ mile ride up to Indian Bend (where the greenbelt paths peter out). I was thinking we could all grab a light breakfast at Rinaldi’s Deli on 3rd/Mill at 9:30am. Bike north (and maybe stop at Lulu’s cupcakes), then keep heading north and grab lunch near Hayden/Indian Bend. There’s a Lox Stock & Bagel, or Humble Pie, El Paso BBQ, Veneto Trattoria, Five & Diner, etc. We can decide as a group when we get up there.

Keep in mind the distance I stated is one way, it is a 20+ roundtrip with all the winding on the greenbelt paths. Speed will be leisurely for any newbies. Feel free to invite others to this group, it’s open to all of Phoenix. Also, feel free to join in on the ride along the way, if you want to know where we’re at start following me (goodgnus) on Twitter(.com) as I will be sending updates there from my phone.

An option for those that live up north and closer to the turn around is to meet us for lunch, then ride south with us back to Tempe and then you can turn around and head back north.

Here is the route.

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