Two Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars, everyone, for two upcoming events:

Friday, April 25: Bike-in Movie at Scottsdale 6. See below for details.

Saturday, April 26: Cupcake Ride 3: The Cupcake Returns. We’ll meet at 10 am at the entrance to Tempe Beach Park (NW corner of Mill and Rio Salado) for the 4-mile easy ride up the greenbelt to Lulu’s Cupcakes. This is a great ride for kids and those who are new to bicycling and group-riding.

Bike-In movie flier

6 thoughts on “Two Upcoming Events

  1. Hi John,
    The theater just selected the movies that they are going to show for the week. Once the theater opens today we’re going to call and get that list. We’re going to choose a movie that’s hopefully both family-friendly and interesting to a broad audience as the TBAG movie. We will try to post that by this afternoon/evening. If you have your heart set on a movie that is not the one we select, we’d still love for you to join us for the ride.


  2. Hi All;
    I just noticed an error on the flier for the Bike Night at the Scottsdale 6.
    Scottsdale 6 Drive-In / Movie Line #
    480-949-9451 – sorry for the mistake and for any confusion.

    Jeremy & I hope to have the current list of film titles for Friday very soon. We will post them as soon as we are able to get that info from the manager.
    Hope you to see you all there – please remember to bring your lights, radio, something to sit on and some cash to get in ($6.25) and for snacks too.

  3. Hi All;
    Here’s the list of films and showtimes for Friday’s Bike Night @ Scottsdale 6.

    First Feature Starts: 8PM
    2nd Features will Start between: 9:55PM and 10:15PM
    For the specific time on one of the 2nd features call: (480) 949-9451

    1. Harold & Kumar w/ Superhero
    2. Baby Momma w/ Leatherheads
    3. Prom Night w/ Street Kings
    4. Forbidden Kindom w/ Drillbit Taylor
    5. Nims Island w/ Horton Hears a Who
    6. Forgetting Sara Marshall w/ 10,000 BC

    see you there!

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