Volunteer opportunity: bike-powered homecoming float!

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Greetings from ASU’s Students Acting Now for Sustainability! (SANS)  We are looking for enthusiastic bike supporters to join our float in the Homecoming Parade November 15th! Please contact Jehnifer.Niklas@asu.edu We plan to meet up at 10:30AM on Mill and University.  We have created a recycling sculpture that will be powered by bikes! So grab yours and cruise on down to Tempe!  We hope you can join us in sending a positive message to ASU!

2 thoughts on “Volunteer opportunity: bike-powered homecoming float!

  1. Have you thought about entering the float or doing something else for the APS electric light parade? I went to it for the first time last year and was surprised at how good it was. But while there was VW buses, motorcycles, etc. decorated with lights, I didn’t see any bike action. For shame.

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