Meet us at 6pm at the corner of 5th and Mill in Tempe for a group ride to downtown Phoenix this Friday evening. We roll out at 6:10.  The route we take is 9 miles each way. Too far for you? Join us for the ride downtown and throw your bike on the Valley Metro Red Line for the return trip.

Let us know you’re coming with a note in the comments. Hope to see you then!

7 Responses to “Celebrate the cool(er) evenings with a ride to First Friday art walk- this Friday!”
  1. dani says:

    I’m 90% there this time, 10% includes the world comes to and end before friday, people from Mars take over the earth and we can’t go or I have a last-minute appointment from work I can’t miss :)

  2. Michael Aguilar says:

    i should def. be there.

  3. Ben Goren says:

    May I suggest we start with dinner five-ish at Restaurant Mexico?

  4. Michael Aguilar says:

    sadly i do not think i will be able to make it like i wanted to, my bike is in need of dire repairs that i cannot do until after work which would put me way behind. hopefully i can make one of the next rides.

  5. Jeremy D says:

    Hey, I’ll be joining you tonight, look for me at Washington & Priest/ Galvin!

  6. Mark says:

    We’ll see you there, Jeremy!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Ben: That’s an awesome idea for future rides.

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