Moustache Ride Friday 3/18

It is March. A season for riding. To feel the gentle Arizona spring air rustling through silken whiskers… Wait. What? Why it’s Moustache March!

Where does it come from? What does it mean? There are many claimants as to the origin, but Moustache March now is in the hands of the populace – owned by none, but celebrated by all!

The rules are simple (and silly).

Men: Begin at once by not shaving. On the 18th of March, give your self a fresh cut and reveal your splendid moustache to the admiring eyes of all at the TBAG Third Friday bar crawl. Your face may be adorned by sideburns, a beard, but your moustache must be a clearly defined island of hair upon your upper lip, not immediately adjoining any neighboring areas of growth.

Women: You are certainly not left out! What lovely lady is not even MORE attractive with a fuzzy fringe under her nose?

Home-grown, home-made, or store bought, all are welcome!

Where: Meet at Tempe Beach Park, Rio Salado & Mill Ave in Tempe
When: Friday. 3/18 at 7:30 pm

One thought on “Moustache Ride Friday 3/18

  1. uhhhhhhh, you are taking this too far – women with hair on the upper lip is NOT sexy

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