Every month, your friends here at TBAG get together and head out on the town for a “handlebar happy hour”, bike night at the Drive-In, “moustache rides” or whatever else we can cook up. It’s an awesome way to meet people, hang out at cool places, and ride bikes! No RSVP needed, just be there at Tempe Beach Park at 7:30 every 3rd Friday!

Aaaannnd… what you can’t quite read there is:

in your complete and utter satisfaction, that we
at www.biketempe.org.
You Cannot do us a greater favor than to speak plainly of your experiences, whether wholesome or contrary, and to share them with
ONE and ALL.”

Note: We hit different places every month. If you can’t make it at the start, give us a heads up and we’ll let you know where we’re headed to hook up! Call or Text 214 444 TBAG (8224)

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3 Responses to “TBAG Third Fridays, Fri. Aug 21st”
  1. Susan says:

    I’ll be out of town Friday so I hope you do this again! It sounds awesome!

  2. Jeremy says:

    TBAG Third Fridays will be a regular monthly social ride. We’ll have something new and fun every month with a different theme or area to explore!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Phone number if you need to find us: 214 444 TBAG (8224)

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