the Velorution

one guy’s commitment to bike to work for an entire month, and the adventure that follows

Jeff has challenged himself to ride his bike to work every day for the month of August – “7.3 miles one way, twice a day, five days a week, for an entire month“. Check out the Velorution for daily updates on his experiences, tips on bike commuting and a bit of inspiration:

This blog will chronicle my daily commute to work by bicycle during the entire month of August. It will be a log book of the what and how. Ideally – although cautiously for my sake – problems will arise: flat tires, angry drivers, sweaty work clothes; all of these are things that are common and legitimate concerns about biking to work. I will address these obstacles and hopefully give the reader some insight into what it requires to overcome them in hopes of a cleaner world.

Additionally, I aim to address more than just the logistics of bicycle commuting. I want to investigate the more philosophical side of this challenge and what it means to be less reliant on automobiles, how it will benefit our health to ride a bike daily, and any other topics that come to me.

I want to be more proof that it can be done.

Here’s to the Velorution!

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