Scottsdale 68th Street Bike Lanes APPROVED

REPORT: Oh my gosh, what a nail biter. Public comments were about 50/50 for/against and only because of the three Tempe/Mesa people that biked to the meeting to give public comment in front of the Mayor and Council. Some of the comments seemed a bit to far down the conspiracy hole for us to believe but public comments are not fact checked.

The City Council was also split 50/50, those that sided with the ‘theorists’ were applauded and hooted (basic loss of decorum and curtesy exhibited by that side of the public through much of the meeting). Thankfully the Mayor brought sanity to the conversation at the 11th hour and broke the tie siding with the project during the final vote at 8:45ish PM (note: the meeting started at 5PM).

We are so grateful for Ken, Jack, and Jeff for putting forth the effort to STAND UP FOR BIKE LANES!

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A recording of the meeting can be found at
Select the 3/21 Regular Meeting and Work Session, Player link to watch

Time stamps
Presentation 50:00
Public Comment 1:07:19
Council Questions/Comments 2:27:37
Council Vote 3:48:20